Hierarchal Analysis of Impact Constraint Factors for Sustainable Building Project Delivery in Enugu State, Nigeria


  • Anthony N. Ezemerihe
  • Kevin C. Okolie
  • Dominic A. Obodoh


Sustainable buildings, sustainable design and construction, impact factor variable, sustainability.


The study examined the hierarchal analysis of impact constraint factors for sustainable building projects delivery in Enugu State, Nigeria and suggested possible ways to mitigate the impact in order to deliver successful sustainable building in the state. Nine local government areas (three each from the three senatorial zones of the state) were sampled based on urbanization and population of inhabitants in the area. A total of four hundred (400) questionnaires were distributed to stakeholders in the built environment while three hundred and forty-four (344) representing 86.0% of the respondents were returned and used for the analysis. The data was analyzed using common size percentage analysis, mean score using five-point likert rating scale, severity index/ranking, regression and correlation analysis. The results show that Database for building projects and streamline procedure to implement sustainability of building projects ranked first among the factor variables with mean score of 4.69 and severity index of 93.7% followed by un-built areas as indicated in the site plans need further landscape deign to achieve sustainable development. The least in the ranking was inadequate provision for protection of existing and future environmental issues in the master plan for proper enforcement. The work concluded that the sustainable development concepts applied to design, construction operation and maintenance with whole life assessment of buildings can enhance the economic welfare, environmental health and social well-being of communities in Enugu state. The study recommended the creation of database for sustainable building projects, articulation of strategies by liaison with existing agencies/stakeholders and legislation to back up all the recommendations for proper enforcement.


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Ezemerihe, A. N., Okolie, K. C., & Obodoh, D. A. (2024). Hierarchal Analysis of Impact Constraint Factors for Sustainable Building Project Delivery in Enugu State, Nigeria. International Journal of Progressive Research in Science and Engineering, 5(1), 8–14. Retrieved from https://journal.ijprse.com/index.php/ijprse/article/view/1008