Coconana Fiberboard: Minimizing Banana Fiber and Coconut Husk Biomass Through Sustainable Product Development


  • Jeffrey B. Dionisio
  • Kian Christian M. Mendoza
  • Kyla Mae S.M. Artiaga
  • Patricia Gayle F. Cardeño
  • Erwin Ronald D. Calma
  • June C. Musngi


Sustainability, furniture production, alternative raw materials, coconut husk, banana fiber, greening the supply chain, fiberboard.


This study aims to integrate sustainability into furniture production by using alternative raw materials like coconut husk and banana fiber. This strategy, known as "Greening the Supply Chain," focuses on efficient resource use, waste reduction, and eco-friendly manufacturing. The industry that this study focuses on is the furniture industry. It aims to develop an alternative raw material for wood as these finite resources have become much less accessible because of too much deforestation. To address these concerns, innovative approaches utilizing wastes from the agricultural by-products of the Philippines, such as banana fibers and coconut husks, have been explored in this study. These agricultural wastes are repurposed into a fiberboard in order to help minimize wastes and reduce the cutting down of trees. This study has made the three samples of fiberboard namely the Pure Coconut Husks, Pure Banana Fiber, and the Coconana Fiberboard using epoxy resin as the binding agent. As this is experimental research, the samples have gone through three (3) tests to determine the capabilities of each fiberboard sample. The water absorption rate, compressive strength, and the drop test by using the American Society for Testing Materials ASTM D3501-05a and ASTM D1037-12(2020). Among the three (3) tests the Coconana Fiberboard have produced successful results. These findings indicate that Coconana fiberboard holds promise as a sustainable alternative to wood in furniture production.


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Jeffrey B. Dionisio, Kian Christian M. Mendoza, Kyla Mae S.M. Artiaga, Patricia Gayle F. Cardeño, Erwin Ronald D. Calma, & June C. Musngi. (2024). Coconana Fiberboard: Minimizing Banana Fiber and Coconut Husk Biomass Through Sustainable Product Development. International Journal of Progressive Research in Science and Engineering, 5(05), 1–6. Retrieved from




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