Formulation And Evaluation of Polyherbal Antifungal Medicated Soap as A Cosmeceuticals


  • Nikita Sinha
  • Vikas Dewangan
  • Chirag Jain
  • Tajudeen Khan
  • Ayush Deshmukh
  • Bhumika Chandrakar


Antifungal Herbal soap, polyherbal, phytoconstituents, antifungal activity.


In this research, we looked at the herbal plants that are used to make herbal anti-fungal soap. Many naturally occurring herbal plants include a range of chemical components that are used in cosmetic formulations. Because they have a high activity level and no negative effects, herbal cosmetics are particularly significant. Fungi is the most common type of skin infection in people, and it requires special care to keep the skin healthy and to cure. A specific type of soap called "anti-fungal soap" is used to treat different types of fungal infections. Both conventional herbal medicines. People are most commonly affected by fungal skin infections, which need careful attention both during treatment and in order to preserve healthy skin. Certain herbal plants possess antifungal properties. The current study's goal is to create antifungal herbal bath soap by combining several herbal plants. Using the agar diffusion method, the produced formulation's antifungal activity was evaluated against the organism Candida albicans. The formulations of the generated herbal soaps showed good antifungal activity. It is claimed in Ayurveda that certain herbs are utilized to heal illnesses in a specific quantity. A polyherbal formulation is one that includes two or more herbal medications that function as active ingredients and have potential health benefits. Numerous phytoconstituents in the polyherbal formulation provide an enhanced impact with minimal harmful effects and pharmacological efficacy. The formulation's active constituents are Formulate F1& F2combining plant extracts as the active ingredient with base ingredients such as Soap base, Bees wax, Glycerin, SLS, EDTA, Citric acid, Jasmine oil. We tested the in vitro antifungal activity of every produced compound against fungi.


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Nikita Sinha, Vikas Dewangan, Chirag Jain, Tajudeen Khan, Ayush Deshmukh, & Bhumika Chandrakar. (2024). Formulation And Evaluation of Polyherbal Antifungal Medicated Soap as A Cosmeceuticals . International Journal of Progressive Research in Science and Engineering, 5(05), 19–24. Retrieved from