Dual Switch Boost DC-DC Converter in Fuel Cell Powered Vehicle


  • Remya Varghese
  • Elezabeth Skaria
  • Anjana K S
  • Akin Muhammed
  • Dhiya S
  • Nibin Mathew Ninan


Boost converter, bridge rectifier, driver circuit, PICIC, fuel cell.


The development of a dual-switch boost DC-DC converter topology tailored for fuel-cell-powered vehicles, aiming to facilitate precise voltage matching between fuel-cell stacks and power batteries. This converter design is motivated by the need for efficient voltage regulation in electric automotive applications, where fuel cell voltage characteristics are highly variable. The proposed dual-switch boost converter offers a compelling solution to meet the demanding requirements of fuel-cell converters, including high efficiency, substantial voltage boosting, minimal current ripple, and stable operation. It simplifies the control mechanism with just two switches operating in sync, reduces component count, minimizes power-device stress, and delivers superior efficiency compared to traditional boost circuits, particularly at varying output voltage and current levels. In summary, this converter topology demonstrates its effectiveness in enhancing voltage matching and overall performance in fuel-cell-powered vehicles.


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Remya Varghese, Elezabeth Skaria, Anjana K S, Akin Muhammed, Dhiya S, & Nibin Mathew Ninan. (2024). Dual Switch Boost DC-DC Converter in Fuel Cell Powered Vehicle. International Journal of Progressive Research in Science and Engineering, 5(05), 38–41. Retrieved from https://journal.ijprse.com/index.php/ijprse/article/view/1046