Investigation On Performance Evaluation of Electric Vehicle Batteries on Different Drive Cycles


  • Sai Dhanush S
  • Akhil Krishna B
  • Rochan Sai K
  • Rahul D
  • Sri K Hussain


Batteries, Electric vehicle, filed oriented control, Field-weakening, Maximum torque per ampere, Permanent magnet synchronous motor, EV drive cycles.


The electric vehicle components designing, sizing, rating and selection are influenced by drive cycles. For that reason, it is essential to test an Electric Vehicle (EV) in a simulation environment on different standard drive cycle before testing it real- time to understand its life cycle and hence determine the most suitable design of EV- efficient and economical. Many European countries use New European Driving Cycle (NEDC) as their own emission test procedures but there are also other driving cycles such as FTP75, US06 etc. which can be used globally for “real-world” performance testing of vehicles. Besides its cell chemistry, the range and performance of the EV battery mainly depend on how it looks like. The battery performances of diverse EV batteries have been examined under various standard international & Indian driving cycles in this research paper. This paper has adopted Nissan leaf 2018 EV model data to study the performance of the EV battery through developing an EV drive train test system. This research has presented field-oriented control (FOC) for PMSM traction motor. An SVPWM algorithm is introduced to reduce harmonics and increase quality of switching losses for PWM Inverter operation. Battery energy consumption per charge based on distance travelled by vehicles is calculated to compare different EV batteries for evaluating their performance.


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Sai Dhanush S, Akhil Krishna B, Rochan Sai K, Rahul D, & Sri K Hussain. (2024). Investigation On Performance Evaluation of Electric Vehicle Batteries on Different Drive Cycles. International Journal of Progressive Research in Science and Engineering, 5(05), 53–61. Retrieved from