Satisfaction on Passenger Services Quality of Airlines in Pasay City: An Analysis


  • Kris Emmanuel V. Lacerna
  • Angelo Aaron L. Danseco
  • Aina De Leon
  • James Benedict O. Ong
  • Roy Vincent Reña
  • Reian Christian H. Rosales
  • Charles V. Salvador
  • Andrei Kristoffer M. Umali
  • Marianne Shalimar G. Del Rosario


Airlines, Passenger Perception, Passenger Service Satisfaction, SERVQUAL.


Passenger satisfaction is crucial to the airline industry as it is important to how the airlines perform their quality services towards their passengers. These services make each airline competitive, offering the best for the passengers. This study examined the satisfaction on passenger services quality of airlines in Pasay City. The researchers surveyed 426 respondents to explore the significant differences in the perceptions of passenger services of airlines from the profile of the respondents and their significant relationship concerning service quality (SERVQUAL); (1) reliability, (2) assurance, (3) empathy, (4) tangible, and (5) responsiveness. Three informants were interviewed to validate the data gathered that survey respondents answered. The study employed both snowball sampling and parametric convenience sampling methods to select participants for the research investigation. The researchers used cross-tabulation and thematic analysis as the standards for their findings. Based on the profile of the respondents, their age and educational attainment do not have a significant difference in their perception of the service quality of airlines in Pasay City. In addition, it showed that reliability, assurance, empathy, tangible, and responsiveness considerably enhance passenger satisfaction and overall service quality. Therefore, to build good relationships with passengers, airlines should always provide superior service and always consider the convenience of their passengers. Recommendations were for the airline management and airline employees as they have to know how the passengers feel about their services to keep pace or go beyond with the airlines around Pasay City. Airlines can improve their operational efficiency to offer passengers a superior experience and remain competitive in the industry.


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Kris Emmanuel V. Lacerna, Angelo Aaron L. Danseco, Aina De Leon, James Benedict O. Ong, Roy Vincent Reña, Reian Christian H. Rosales, Charles V. Salvador, Andrei Kristoffer M. Umali, & Marianne Shalimar G. Del Rosario. (2024). Satisfaction on Passenger Services Quality of Airlines in Pasay City: An Analysis. International Journal of Progressive Research in Science and Engineering, 5(05), 99–117. Retrieved from




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