A Study on Impact of Leadership Styles on Employee’s Productivity


  • Selvi.J.R. Priyanka
  • Indumathi N


Autocratic, Democratic, Leadership, Performance, Transactional and transformational.


This study investigates the impact of various leadership styles on employee productivity within a diverse range of industries. Utilizing a mixed-methods approach, the research combines quantitative data from employee surveys and productivity metrics with qualitative insights from in-depth interviews and focus groups. The primary leadership styles examined include transformational, transactional, and laissez-faire. Findings indicate that transformational leadership, characterized by inspiring and motivating employees, has the most positive effect on productivity, fostering a collaborative and innovative work environment. Transactional leadership, focused on structured tasks and rewards, also shows a positive impact but is less effective in dynamic or creative settings. Conversely, laissez-faire leadership, with minimal intervention, often results in decreased productivity due to lack of guidance and support. The study underscores the importance of adaptive leadership strategies tailored to specific organizational contexts and highlights the potential for leadership training programs to enhance employee performance and organizational outcomes.


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