A Study on Safety and Health Measures of Empolyees in The Organization


  • Selvi. S. Jayasri
  • Viswanathan S


Workplace Safety, Employee Health, Occupational Health and Safety (OHS), Safety Training.


This study explores the implementation and effectiveness of safety and health measures in organizations, emphasizing the critical role these measures play in ensuring employee well-being and organizational productivity. Workplace safety and health protocols are essential in mitigating risks, reducing accidents, and fostering a safe working environment. The research investigates various safety and health strategies employed by organizations, including the establishment of safety committees, regular health and safety training, ergonomic workplace designs, and comprehensive health surveillance programs. Data were collected through a combination of surveys, interviews, and case studies from diverse industries to understand the impact of these measures on employee satisfaction, health outcomes, and organizational performance. The findings indicate a strong correlation between robust safety and health programs and increased employee morale, reduced absenteeism, and lower incidence rates of workplace injuries and illnesses. Additionally, the study identifies challenges organizations face in implementing effective safety and health measures, such as resource limitations, compliance issues, and the need for continuous education and training. The study concludes with recommendations for enhancing safety and health measures, advocating for a proactive approach that includes regular risk assessments, employee involvement in safety planning, and the integration of health promotion activities into organizational culture. By prioritizing employee safety and health, organizations can not only comply with regulatory requirements but also achieve long-term benefits in employee retention, productivity, and overall organizational success.


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