ITSM Based Server Monitoring System


  • Swapnil H Sonawane
  • Swati M Khandare
  • Shruti Patil


Traffic profile, ITSM, Server Monitoring, incident management, WMI.


Resource availability is one of the most important requirements in the Business-Critical application. Techniques are required to increase the availability of the network to deal with new services and the consequent new traffic profiles and characteristics. This project proposes a more flexible scheme using ITSM lead to an efficient solution for Server Monitoring. The IT Infrastructure Library (ITIL) provides guidelines for IT service providers how to design, manage and support IT services. ITIL is the most widely used IT service management (ITSM) framework. It consists of best practices that can be used in implementing, for example service support processes, such as incident management and problem management. Although ITIL includes a wide list of process metrics. Considering servers being the core position in network, this Project introduces how to monitor servers through simple WMI. We expand WMI resources by defining WMI objects to monitor the resources of sever and use multi-threading technology to collect data and process them, which can improve the collection efficiency. The Project results prove that it is a successful way of integrated to ITSM and monitor, control for servers.


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