Progressive Collapse Analysis of a Regular Structure


  • Rajpal G Kumawat
  • Deshmukh G P


Low rise steel building, Demand Capacity Ratio (D.C.R.), bending moments (B.M), Shear Force (S.F), Deflection, Story Drift.


Steel frame structures are constructed in seismic areas they are main targets of seismic activities. Due to such conditions nowadays, there is heavy demand of earthquake resisting steel frame structural design. Not only seismic activities but also due some of accidental failures, structure can fail. To analyze steel frame structure for different earthquake zones have to make model of steel structure using E-tabs software which can resist all types of loading such as dead load, live load, seismic load, using IS 800-2000 and IS 1893. In this study, we have selected a high-rise G+10 steel-framed structure. The structure is analyzed for seismic loading, due to which partial collapse or total collapse (progressive collapse) may occur which can be studied. From above analysis, we can study the type failure of structure under the guidelines of GSA for progressive collapse effect due to seismic load.


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