Purification, Isolation And Characterization Of Bioactive Components From Breonadia Salicina Exract (SABULU RAFI)


  • Cletus E Gilbert
  • H M Adamu
  • A A Mahmoud


Breonadia salicina, Purification, isolation, coumarin


Breonadia salicina extract has been used to treat sleeping sickness, and respiratory diseases in North central Nigeria, and Nigeria at large. In view of its usage, the aim of this research is to isolated, purify, and characterize the bioactive components from B.salicina extract. The ethyl acetate extracts of the leave shows promising potency against the test microbes and was subjected to thin layer chromatography and column chromatography. Which resulted in the isolation of pure fraction coded EAF8. The bioactivity of EAF8 was tested using agar diffusion technique, resulted to the growth inhibition of S.aureaus, E.coli, A.niger, and C. albicansas to significant extent. The fraction (EAF8) was evaluated using GC-MS and IR. The IR revealed the presence of some functional groups, which were 770 cm-1( ortho disubstituted) for aromatic; 890 cm-1 ( C-H deformation) for aromatic; 1150 cm-1 (C-O stretching) for ether; 1394 cm-1 (C-H bending) for CH3; 1488 cm-1(C-H bending) for CH2; 1663 cm-1(C=C)for aromatic; 1705 cm-1(C=O stretching) for ketone;2885 cm-1(C-H stretching) for methylene; 2951cm-1( C-H stretching) for methyl; 3345 cm-1(N-H stretching) for primary amine; 3462 cm-1 (O-H stretching) for alcohol/phenol. Gas Chromatogram revealed the spectra line 5, area 6250073, and retention time of 31.677. While the mass spectroscopy revealed the mass ratio of a fragments which were 253 (5 %), 236 (6 %), 191 (100 %), and 173 (2 %). Hence from the IR data and GC-MS, fraction EAF8 was proposed to be 7-amino-4,5-dihydroxy-3-(ethoxymethane) coumarin. The results of the antimicrobial activity obtained from this research justified the traditional uses of the plant. Meanwhile the research recommend that further studies should be carried out to isolate more bioactive compounds from stem bark and the root of the Breonadia salicina.


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