Factors Affecting Job Satisfaction of Medical Technologists in Public Hospitals in Quezon City, Philippines


  • Manzano, Bryan Harvey S
  • Gaviola, Jaime Rafael Hiroaki T
  • Gayamo, Jan Elliah D
  • Jayme, Katherine F
  • Pasamba, Maria Sophia H
  • Rivera, Celine Anne N
  • Olano, Maria Luisa R


Job Satisfaction, Factors, Medical Technology, Public Hospital, Quezon City, Philippines.


In the Philippines, the demand for medical technologists has steadily risen over time, which has led to the needs of employers in the healthcare sector to satisfy their employees in order to maintain their staff and meet the demand. The purpose of the study is to identify the factors affecting the job satisfaction of medical technologists in Public Hospitals in Quezon City. Hence, if the issues that negatively affect job satisfaction are addressed, job satisfaction may considerably improve.

The participants were medical technologists from selected public hospitals in Quezon City, Philippines. The gathered data was analyzed through the Statistical Package for the Social Science, the non-parametric tests Mann Whitney U and Kruskal Wallis was used to compare the independent variables, the respondent’s demographic profile, and Spearman rho to determine the correlation between the work-related factors and the job satisfaction of the respondents. The data for this study was collected through surveys given to participants chosen through stratified sampling and was distributed through online google forms.

Results showed that there is no significant correlation between demographic profile and job satisfaction of the respondents (p>0.05), although, the respondents were generally satisfied with their job. However, there is a significant correlation between the work-related factors and the level of job satisfaction (p<0.05). The work-related factor that was insignificant is supervision (p=0.247), while job security had the highest value (p=0.000) which could be due to the current pandemic.

The researchers concluded that the different work-related factors have an impact on job satisfaction and were able to quantify each of the factors, which are vital in maintaining the job satisfaction and good performance of medical technologists. It is important to provide them with job security, proper compensation, and good working conditions, especially during times of crisis like the current pandemic.


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Manzano, Bryan Harvey S, Gaviola, Jaime Rafael Hiroaki T, Gayamo, Jan Elliah D, Jayme, Katherine F, Pasamba, Maria Sophia H, Rivera, Celine Anne N, & Olano, Maria Luisa R. (2021). Factors Affecting Job Satisfaction of Medical Technologists in Public Hospitals in Quezon City, Philippines. International Journal of Progressive Research in Science and Engineering, 2(10), 79–86. Retrieved from https://journal.ijprse.com/index.php/ijprse/article/view/460