Behavior Affecting the Performance of the Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul (MRO) Organization: A Case Study


  • Sherwin Ian D. Pabustan
  • Mark Anthony M. Muldong
  • Dexter T. Yusi
  • Edhel P. Talplacido
  • Joanna May B. Zuñiga
  • Joefil C. Jocson


Human Behavior, Organization, MRO, Aviation, Maintenance.


Employee behavior in an organization has been observed to be affecting the performance status of different companies. Being known as organizational behavior, it is a collaborative study that assesses the way people or employees acts as individual and as a group. The researchers tend to dig deeper into this concept focusing on the maintenance, repair, and overhaul (MRO) organizations, specifically in Clark, Pampanga. A descriptive research method has been utilized to identify the different organizational culture behaviors that influence the establishment and performance of individuals within an organization, their effectiveness, and efficiency in one's employment and contribution to the group or firm to which they belong. This case study aims to identify how employee behavior affects the performance of MRO organizations. It also targets the determination of the primary factor that affects employees' behavior in the focused organization. Lastly, as part of the objective, it also wants to know the best way to boost staff morale in an MRO organization. The researchers are confident that the study will significantly benefit the MRO and other Aviation Organizations, other companies or fields of businesses, the employers, employees, and the development of future researches. The data of this study was obtained by surveying random employees of different MRO organizations inside Clark, Pampanga. It was created using relevant questions modified from related research and individual questions formed by the researchers. The main parts are subdivided into different questions related to the participant's perception regarding their behavior that affects their performance in the workplace. Then, the researchers analyzed the data collected from the respondents to obtain usable and valuable information. At the end of this paper, a conclusion was drawn based on the gathered and tabulated data, which led to several recommendations from the researchers that would surely be helpful to the primary beneficiaries.


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Sherwin Ian D. Pabustan, Mark Anthony M. Muldong, Dexter T. Yusi, Edhel P. Talplacido, Joanna May B. Zuñiga, & Joefil C. Jocson. (2021). Behavior Affecting the Performance of the Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul (MRO) Organization: A Case Study. International Journal of Progressive Research in Science and Engineering, 2(11), 1–8. Retrieved from




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