Construction Safety Management Assessment of the Local Government Unit of Dingalan, Aurora Philippines


  • Arra Joice Reyes-Garcia
  • Kalibb R Arenas
  • Rick Donald S Manzon
  • Salvador A Loria Jr.
  • Alma G Galang


Occupational safety and health, Covid-19 pandemic, Inspection, Contractors, Accidents, Workplace.


Construction industry plays an important role in the economic development of any country. As construction industry is less automated and more labor intensive, construction workers are the foundation of this industry. Construction safety on project sites is of utmost importance due to the nature of the construction industry. However, it is usually a secondary concern in a market-driven society where the main concern is completing projects at the required quality with minimum time and cost. Thus, safety issues are considered only after an accident occurs at a construction site with follow up measures to improve working conditions, especially in developing municipalities like Dingalan, Aurora. Public works in Dingalan, Aurora include the safety and health as payable item and it must be implemented properly.  Therefore, proper safety management in construction is of utmost importance; hence, this study aims to introduce a benchmark to measure construction safety through a proposed safety management assessment framework. Factors affecting construction safety performance were explored through a questionnaire survey conducted in Dingalan. The results suggest that a benchmark of construction safety should be considered across six dominant groups of factors: management commitment, management measures, implementation, project nature, individual involvement and economic investment. Management commitment is the most dominant factor that affects construction safety and consists of implementing organizational safety policies, assigning safety responsibilities at all levels, etc. The proposed management framework will facilitate a benchmarking process and initiatives for improving construction safety performance in developing municipalities.


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Arra Joice Reyes-Garcia, Kalibb R Arenas, Rick Donald S Manzon, Salvador A Loria Jr., & Alma G Galang. (2021). Construction Safety Management Assessment of the Local Government Unit of Dingalan, Aurora Philippines. International Journal of Progressive Research in Science and Engineering, 2(12), 52–56. Retrieved from