Automatic Railway Gate Control System


  • Harshitha D
  • Monika N
  • Kavya N R
  • Mounika B


Train Detection, Stuck Detection Alarm, generator, Level Crossing, Ultrasonic Sensor.


Automatic railway gate controlling system provides an automatic railway gate at the level crossing replacing the gates operated by the gate keeper by detecting train and stuck on the level crossing, generating corresponding alert signal and controlling the gate. The solution is provided by developing a train detection module, stuck detection module, signal light module, alarm module, railway gate controller and a controller module. There are only four ultrasonic sensors in the train detection module and one ultrasonic sensor in stuck detection module. Both, train detection and stuck detection module generate high frequency signal through the ultrasonic sensors and detect the presence of object if the echo is received back by the sensors. Then the controller unit determines whether the obstacle is train or stuck and takes necessary steps by controlling the gate, alarm generator and signal lights. Experimental studies show that the proposed methodology provides a more cost effective, reliable and simpler railway gate controller than existing dominant work.


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