Online Blood Bank System


  • Jayesh Dehankar
  • Chetan Wagh
  • Santosh Kagne
  • Bhushan Gedam
  • Shruti Kolte


Blood Bank, Online, blood recipient, blood donors, machine learning.


As we know that blood plays a very vital role in living beings as it provides oxygen and nutrients to all tissues in the body and this application fulfills the availability of the blood. "Online Blood Bank System" is a web programme that improves the availability of blood for blood recipients, as well as the opportunities for blood donors to donate blood. It also aids blood banks in properly managing blood data. This application will be made by using modern technologies such as Reacts, machine learning algorithm, Django etc. This application ensures the availability of blood for receivers to their nearby area. Also, the application brings transparency in blood marketing. It will increase the collection of blood. Using the ML algorithm, we will suggest the nearest blood bank to the needy. The application manages various blood bank operations effectively.


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Jayesh Dehankar, Chetan Wagh, Santosh Kagne, Bhushan Gedam, & Shruti Kolte. (2022). Online Blood Bank System. International Journal of Progressive Research in Science and Engineering, 3(04), 170–173. Retrieved from




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