Smart Document Management System using OCR


  • Mihir P
  • Ritik D
  • Vivek V
  • Shrinit P
  • Chandrayani Rokade


Digitalized Information, OCR, Authentication.


Web applications are becoming more and more prevalent these days; it is normal for organizations to create specific applications for custom needs such as filling up forms and storing various kinds of information in a digital medium. Digitalizing these documents greatly contributes to the efficiency of organizations as it eradicates the need to maintain documents in their physical forms. The extra space created due to the absence of file storage equipment can be used in many beneficial ways, such as for additional equipment, a larger work area for employees, or any other use needed by the organization. This digitized information is stored on a web-based server and is accessible to anyone with proper authentication, this reduces the access time of these documents as all the information is searchable and eliminates the manual search time.


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Mihir P, Ritik D, Vivek V, Shrinit P, & Chandrayani Rokade. (2022). Smart Document Management System using OCR. International Journal of Progressive Research in Science and Engineering, 3(05), 32–35. Retrieved from