Soft- Switching High Static Gain Modified SEPIC Converter


  • Kishor K
  • Vaiyavan T
  • Santhoshraj R
  • Elavarasi R


PV Panel, MPPT, SEPIC Converter, PWM Inverter, Grid.


An isolated high voltage gains single-ended primary-inductor converter (SEPIC) is provided in this study. lesser voltage stress on the switches, noninverting output voltage, excellent competence, and high-voltage gain are all advantages of the suggested converter. The new converter also has a constant input current, making it suited for renewable energy and fuel cell applications. Furthermore, substantial voltage gain is obtained without the use of a transformer or connected inductor, ensuring that the switches do not experience voltage overshoot during the turn-off operation. Because of this effect, lesser voltage rating switches can be used with fewer conduction losses, and no additional clamping circuit is required. This work proposes a simple soft-switching topology that is suited for various Modified SEPIC converter designs while lowering switching losses and diode reverse recovery current. The converter output is converted to the grid using a single-phase inverter.


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Kishor K, Vaiyavan T, Santhoshraj R, & Elavarasi R. (2022). Soft- Switching High Static Gain Modified SEPIC Converter. International Journal of Progressive Research in Science and Engineering, 3(05), 61–65. Retrieved from