Instant Home Services


  • Saranya N
  • Prem Kumar D
  • Kirubhaharan B
  • Pradeesh P


Request Form, Home Service, Service Providers, Home appliances, Rating, Certified service.


The Instant Home Services is a useful website that provides services such as installation and repair for home appliances like air conditioners, refrigerators, washing machines, microwave, mixer, wet grinder, and television. Three users are being used in our system; the home service providers, the user, and the admin who manages all the allocations and registration of service providers. People who need the home appliance service can register through the website and get their services done by filling out the request form and getting confirmation from the admin about the service provider allocation. Service providers plays an important role in Home Services, the admin allows only the certified service providers with complete information about the service provider. This system also provides a business opportunity for the service providers, through which the service providers can build their career and income. Once the user requests a service, if the service is confirmed, it will be allocated to a service provider in the locality by the admin. After the service is completed, the bill is generated and it is sent to the customer. If the spare parts are replaced, the cost of the item is added to the bill summary, and the report is sent to the customer. The customer provides rating based on the service done by the service provider. Based on the rating, the customer can choose the best service provider from their locality.


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