Big Data Analytics and Mining for Effective Visualization and Trends Forecasting of Crime Data


  • Krithik Shailesh R
  • Mohammed Azharudeen A
  • Mugesh K
  • Mohan Prasath N
  • Sreemathy J


Large Data Analytics, Data Mining, Data Visualization.


Enormous Information Analytics is a decent procedure for breaking down and spotting diverse models, individuals from the family and styles internal a massive quantity of records. In this paper we notice BDA to crook records wherein exploratory records exam is coordinated for representation and styles assumption. A couple of pleasant in magnificence records mining and significant it is used to get to know techniques. Following quantifiable exploration and outline, a few exciting real factors and models are seen from crook records in San Francisco, Chicago and Philadelphia. The farsighted consequences display that the Prophet form and Keras stateful LSTM complete in a manner this is higher than brain organization models, wherein a proper length of the practise records is seen to be 3 years. These promising results will income for police divisions and guideline prerequisite organizations to extra simply recognize bad behavior inconveniences and supply pieces of understanding with a view to engage them to notice works out, anticipate the chance of events, safely ship property and upgrade the unique cycle. Large records analytics enabled transformation version primarily based totally on practice-primarily based totally view is advanced which famous the causal relationships amongst large records analytics skills, IT-enabled transformation practices, advantage dimensions and commercial enterprise price. This version turned into then examined in healthcare setting. Through reading large records handling case, we wanted to understand how large records analytics skills rework managerial protocols, thereby producing ability boons. Furthermore, ideally specifying 4largerecords analytics techniques, the version gives a calculated outlook of large records analytics. Three substantial path-to-price chains had been diagnosed for healthcare agencies with the aid of using making use of the version, which presents realistic insights for managers.


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Krithik Shailesh R, Mohammed Azharudeen A, Mugesh K, Mohan Prasath N, & Sreemathy J. (2022). Big Data Analytics and Mining for Effective Visualization and Trends Forecasting of Crime Data. International Journal of Progressive Research in Science and Engineering, 3(05), 136–141. Retrieved from