Climate Change Detection Dimensionality Reduction Using Hadoop with Mapreduce


  • Kishore P
  • Nithiyanantham S
  • Pradeesh M
  • Keerthivass B S


Huge Data, Climate, Hadoop Distributed File System.


Huge Data is a term alludes to an assortment of enormous measure of information that needs latest advancements to make potential to get esteem from it by examination and catching technique. In each part of human existence, weather conditions have a great deal of significance. It straightforwardly affects each piece of human culture or people. Precise examination of weather conditions gathering, putting away and handling a lot of climate information is essential. So, a versatile information stockpiling stage and productive or viable change identification calculations are expected to screen the progressions in the climate. A current or conventional information stockpiling procedures and calculations are not appropriate to deal with the enormous measure of climate information. In the proposed framework, an adaptable information handling system that is Map-Reduce is utilized with an environmental change location calculation which is Spatial Cumulative Sum calculation and Bootstrap Analysis calculation called (FWRUT-Frequent weather conditions record Ultra measurement tree). This undertaking presents, the huge climate volume information is put away on Hadoop Distributed File System (HDFS) and Map-Reduce calculation is applied to ascertain the base and limit of environment boundaries. Spatial Autocorrelation based environmental change location calculation is proposed to screen the progressions in the environment of a specific city of India.


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Kishore P, Nithiyanantham S, Pradeesh M, & Keerthivass B S. (2022). Climate Change Detection Dimensionality Reduction Using Hadoop with Mapreduce. International Journal of Progressive Research in Science and Engineering, 3(05), 188–192. Retrieved from