Study on Design & Analysis Roller conveyor for multi-degree of freedom and weight Optimization


  • A Khan I
  • Himanshu Suresh Dhandre


Detachable conveyor, Roller conveyor, multi degrees of freedom, optimization in conveyor.


In general, a conveyor is highly significant in the material handling industry, but the cost of running a conveyor system is considerable, and adequate maintenance is necessary. This raises the system's overall cost, particularly in the case of the heavy conveyor system. Our project is an attempt to create a system that minimizes the total cost of a roller conveyor system, which is used in many sectors to feed goods on a regular basis. As a result, it became critical to implement a system that can operate at a very cheap cost and consumes very little power. We have built a modified system to minimize power usage in this study. With this purpose in mind, solid work is used to conduct a design study of the changed system. In the current design of a roller conveyor system, rollers are grouped in a single row and are used to handle both light and heavy weight items, thus the power consumption must be adjusted for both circumstances (heavy and light), which takes a long time and a lot of energy. The roller conveyors in our project are positioned in two rows rather than one. Seven rollers are positioned in the upper row and seven rollers are arranged in the lower row to save electricity and increase efficiency. Upper and lower rollers are automatically engaged and disengaged based on load application to save power usage. And the same amount of electricity will be used as in the event of a lightweight materials load.


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