Smart Walking Stick Using IoT


  • Muthukumar S S
  • Hemadharsini S
  • Nithyasri A
  • Mithunkumar S S


Smart walking stick, IOT, Obstacles monitoring, Water monitoring.


One of the biggest problems faced by the visually impaired is navigating from place to place, be it indoors or outdoors. Further, the adverse conditions of the roads make it even more difficult for them to walk outdoors. They have to be alert at all times to avoid consequences like colliding with stable or moving obstacles, ascending or descending staircases, slipping down wet terrain. Also, at times they may be in distress and might want to send an alert message to their relatives or friends about their whereabouts. These problems of blind people can be addressed with the intervention of technology. The proposed solution employs the Internet of Things (IoT) paradigm to provide a medium between the blind and the environment. Several sensors can be used to detect anomalies like obstacles, staircases and wet terrains respectively. The prototype discussed here is a simple, sophisticated and affordable smart blind stick equipped with various IoT sensors and modules. Also, this solution provides a way to send a message about the whereabouts of the user to the concerned people who can track on Google maps and also be updated in online server where we can monitor online. System also calls when user press emergency button after sending all alerts to concern people to talk about their emergency. Misplacing the stick indoors can also be a substantial issue; it can be solved by RF stick finder.


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Muthukumar S S, Hemadharsini S, Nithyasri A, & Mithunkumar S S. (2022). Smart Walking Stick Using IoT. International Journal of Progressive Research in Science and Engineering, 3(05), 312–314. Retrieved from