Hazard Identification and Risk Assessment in Windows Plant


  • Dhinakaran N
  • Balachandar M


Hazard, Risk, Incident, Risk Assessment, Risk Evaluation.


In industrial sector, the pioneer industries have to conduct their operations in safe, reliable, and sustainable ways. To prevent accidents, unwanted, undesired events happening in their industries, they have to identify the root problems and assess the associated risks and to bring the risks to tolerable level. Most of the accidents are caused by direct or indirect, known or unknown, detectable or undetectable, intentional or unintentional unsafe acts, conditions and consequential events leading to accident. They explain rather the cause or reason and not just the circumstance. Therefore, industries should research the root cause of accident and to develop control measures for prevention.  The zero-incident vision is a mandatory goal for every industry and each organisation must achieve it by implementing all safety management systems in their organisation. In real world, an industry and incidents are co-related and every industry is subjected the accident problem, the type, percentage and severity may differ. These accidents or undesired are root causes which develops the need for safety management in industrial sector. Dangerous occurrences, Lost time accidents and injuries are its direct results. Accident Compensation, production-down time, direct costs and and various indirect-losses are the undesired results of accidents. Accidents not only affecting the individuals but also the family, community, state and nation at large. Accidents not ending up in human injuries, but also causing property damage or asset-loss are also creating direct and indirect problems to the organizations. It is clear that, accidents or undesired events are always unacceptable. This is why the Risk Assessment is the vital part of safety management systems worldwide. Industries are rapidly growing and contributing to full fil the fast-growing economy. This creates so many occupational safety and health related hazards and illness and also significant environment pollution. Effective control measures like Engineering controls helps safe guarding workers from workplace hazards, occupational illness & injuries, and accidents, control or eliminate occupational safety and health risks and help organization to obtain incident free safe working environment. Only Risk Assessment can do it.


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