A Study on Emergency Management in Manufacturing Industry by Using Bow Tie Analysis


  • Venkatesan C
  • Palanikumar K


Emergency Management, Risk, Incident, Bow-Tie Analysis.


All organizations are vulnerable to unexpected or uncertain events that require them to plan for emergencies as part of their health and safety and overall management framework. While expert advice may be required, the generalist Occupational Health and Safety professional has a role in facilitating and monitoring the emergency planning and preparedness. This project involves the study on the emergency management in manufacturing industry. This study presents the analysis of the emergency preparedness and response arrangements in the industry that helps the organization to avert or minimize the impact during the emergency situations. The existing emergency response plan of the company is analysed based on which recommendations are provided in order to improve the preparations for potential and unexpected incidents at the workplace. The Bow-tie analysis gives a visual representation of the prevention and mitigation steps that are required in the workplace to eliminate or at least reduce the chances of accidents. All the probable accident scenarios that could exist around the hazard are summarized to determine its threats and consequences.


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