Android Application Development for Emergency Services


  • Shrikant D. Kale


XML, Firebase, Android, API, GPS, SDK, Java, JSON, Android Studio.


In India most of the population are android users and use google maps in exigency to search and locate the emergency services such as Hospitals, Medical Store etc. When the user searches for a specific hospital, Google Map shows all possible Hospitals that are at a far distance from the user. Also, the categorized list of all emergency services is not available at any platform with the contact details. So, we have designed and developed Android Based Mobile HELP Application for the six categorized emergency services namely Hospitals, Medical Stores, Police station, Fire Brigade, Hotels and Garage. This Android application is built using the Android studio platform using react native frameworks and Java Script, JSON language as front end and XML as backend application development. The Dashboard of HELP Application displays the six categorized emergency services, by selecting a particular emergency service shows the list of available services with their contact details, Email ID and the address nearest to the user, also this HELP application provides the share button, calling button, Email button and Map Button. The share button, the user can share the details with others through various applications such as Telegram, Whatsapp, Email and SMS etc. It is helpful to those who don't have a HELP App on their phones. The calling button, the user can call directly to the desired services through the HELP App. The Google Map button helps the user to track the required categorized emergency services. Integration of Google Maps API (Application Programming Interface) using Firebase gives optimized search results in the HELP Android Application which also gives the additional information such as time required to reach the desired destination, acquaintances in the nearer area, which is useful for the visitor or needy peoples to locate and use of GPS of the Mobile Phone able track the desired service.


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