Anti-Gas Leakage and Detection Using IoT


  • Mohanapriyaa M
  • Lingeswaran R
  • Mohammed Arham A
  • Sairam M


GSM Module, Gas Sensors, Arduino UNO, Internet of Things.


In the past few years, there is a rise in home automation systems which benefits the need for people to use methods of the Internet of Things (IoT). The main idea of this paper is to carry out a literature review on IoT-based gas detection techniques and to ensure the safety of people and surroundings. So, the idea is to present a simple and reliable gas leakage detection system using gas sensors, and the Arduino Uno controller is incorporated with cloud storage for data collection and also used for storing and analyzing data. The gas that leaks is converted from Parts Per Million (PPM) to volts through the Arduino and the results are notified to the user when the threshold limit is crossed. This system provides an efficiency of 38% more accuracy & comparison to conventional systems out there. And also provides data KPIs for day-to-day analysis. The user is alerted via a Web application for quick notification through the internet and also through a buzzer/ LED for physical notification. Our Proposed system comprises of tech stack from website to user interface using Cloud Component from Arduino.


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Mohanapriyaa M, Lingeswaran R, Mohammed Arham A, & Sairam M. (2022). Anti-Gas Leakage and Detection Using IoT. International Journal of Progressive Research in Science and Engineering, 3(6), 62–64. Retrieved from