Brain Tumor Image Segmentation Using Artificial Neural Network (ANN)


  • Omprakash Barapatre
  • Priyesha Bansod
  • Lawleen Suman
  • Priya Pudke
  • Ruchika Das


ANN, Brain tumor, Medical imaging, MR images, Neural network, Segmentation.


Around the world, technology is playing a huge role in the day-to-day life. The medical field is one of the crucial fields where technology is making the diagnosis of different diseases into another perspective. There are already different medical imaging techniques available but the efficiency is yet to be achieved. This paper is focusing on brain tumor detection techniques. If there is a possibility of a tumor in the brain then it can be benign or malignant. There are different cases that are discussed deeply in this paper. This paper has a methodology discussed over the ANN and the efficiency achieved through it. There are past researches that will also be discussed in this paper and compared with the presented methodology. The presented methodology is developed to examine the abnormality of cells present in the brain region and understand the possibility of a brain tumor at present or in the future. For implementation, the BRATS 2018 dataset is going to be used.


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Omprakash Barapatre, Priyesha Bansod, Lawleen Suman, Priya Pudke, & Ruchika Das. (2022). Brain Tumor Image Segmentation Using Artificial Neural Network (ANN). International Journal of Progressive Research in Science and Engineering, 3(6), 89–96. Retrieved from