An Analysis of a Photovoltaic Panel-Based Roofing for A Two-Storey Residential Building


  • Rosalyn L. Samson
  • Michael A.Castro
  • Trina F. Infante
  • Blessed B. Peña
  • Engel Justine O. Castillo
  • Joefill C. Jocson
  • Noel T. Florencondia


Photovoltaic, RBIPV, solar panel, energy harnessing, integrated systems.


A new approach in harnessing electrical energy from the sun is Residential Building Integrated Photovoltaic (RBIPV). Design structure, architectural design and economic regenerative energy conversion of the panels are integrated in a way that all three of the systems are working a single unified function of maximizing output generated of panels as well as safety of the building. Due to its renewable energy features, it gives designers a chance of limiting the amount of carbon footprints released by using traditional source of electricity. The study provides information and ideas in designing of residential building transformed into a sustainable technology. It also analyzed through a literature review, direct interviews and surveys, as well as design computations to support the objectives of the study. The proponents used various principles of engineering and software to ensure the strengths and life of RBIPV.  The proponents were able to determine the function of photovoltaic as building materials that may decrease the cost of materials, labor and economic considerations for future use. The approximate net income generated after 25 years is P250,000, saving money as well as minimizing the effects and release of carbon footprints which contributes to environmental wellness of the surroundings. The application of RBIPV will result in production of quality electricity very close to demand points. These will directly boost the energy efficiency and reduce electrical supply loses without causing undue environmental damages. These works abridge the increasing demand for zero energy and zero emission residential building of the near future.


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Rosalyn L. Samson, Michael A.Castro, Trina F. Infante, Blessed B. Peña, Engel Justine O. Castillo, Joefill C. Jocson, & Noel T. Florencondia. (2022). An Analysis of a Photovoltaic Panel-Based Roofing for A Two-Storey Residential Building. International Journal of Progressive Research in Science and Engineering, 3(10), 6–13. Retrieved from




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