Electrical Distribution System Feeder Reconfiguration to System Reliability


  • Edward Joseph T. Agustin
  • Feliciano L. Bolisay
  • Charles Mendy D. Canonero
  • Noel T. Florencondia
  • Alma G. Galang
  • Reynaldo H. Gomez Jr.
  • Salvador A. Loria Jr.
  • Lester O. Natividad


Distribution System, Reconfiguration, System Reliability.


This study evaluated the effect of reconfiguration of Astron and L&S 13.8 KV feeders of Angeles Power Incorporated (API) - Angeles Electric Corporation (AEC) substation, for the improvement of operation ability of the system and consistency of power supply of Bacolor load or Pampanga Electric Cooperative II. The three-phase balanced load flow analysis has been performed for different cases to assess the worth of reconfiguration. There are four cases that were presented for comparative analysis that were involved in the study. Line flow, node voltage, and system losses were analyzed before and after the reconfiguration based on off- peak and peak conditions. It also quantifies the allocated line losses of Bacolor, which will be carried out by API instead on AEC. Based on the results of the study, conclusions were created and possible and practical reconfigurations were recommended.


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Edward Joseph T. Agustin, Feliciano L. Bolisay, Charles Mendy D. Canonero, Noel T. Florencondia, Alma G. Galang, Reynaldo H. Gomez Jr., Salvador A. Loria Jr., & Lester O. Natividad. (2022). Electrical Distribution System Feeder Reconfiguration to System Reliability . International Journal of Progressive Research in Science and Engineering, 3(11), 1–5. Retrieved from https://journal.ijprse.com/index.php/ijprse/article/view/728




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