Project Saklay (Saklolo Sa Palay) – A Problem Identification Framework: A Basis for Action Proposal


  • Rammiel Saylo Z. Carlos
  • Jelica N. Elula
  • Jedidiah M. Evangelista
  • John Paul S. Lagman
  • Anne Bea B. Sapnu
  • Alan Josh C. Sicat
  • Michael Louise S. Sunglao
  • Inla Diana C. Salonga
  • Princess Kimberly C. Sabiniano
  • Euflain N. Mercado


Irrigation, problem tree analysis, Project SakLay.


Sustainability of irrigated agriculture is being questioned both economically and environmentally. Since water is essential for the growth of the crops, it is important that there is sufficient water which can sustain the crop period. With this, the demand of having sustainable irrigation becomes high. In the Philippines, irrigation is a great necessity which is being managed by the National Irrigation Administration under Republic Act (RA) 3601. Since most of the Filipinos depend on agriculture as their source of living, irrigation systems are always subjected for rehabilitation and improvement. Based on the related literatures, previous studies, and dissertations, the most common irrigation problems being experienced in an irrigation system are: infrastructural, environmental, management, and performance. However, it is apparent that there is no sole method of identifying irrigation problems. As a result, the primary goal of this study, known as Project SakLay (Saklolo sa Palay), is to identify irrigation problems as the foundation for a solution proposal. In this paper, the underlying causes of the problems were determined, and possible solutions were developed through formulating a problem identification framework and the pilot-testing of Project SakLay in Barangay Dampe, Floridablanca, Pampanga. The results were validated by the National Irrigation Administration engineers and personnel, and farmers of the study area through focus group discussion. It was agreed that there were problems in the Infrastructural, Environmental, and Performance component of the irrigation facility; which was reflected on the results of the data gathering. In conclusion, Project SakLay can be used by the NIA, barangay officials, and farmers as immediate response report about their irrigation facility.  Adapting Project SakLay will significantly improve the situations of the irrigation facilities across the Philippines.


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Rammiel Saylo Z. Carlos, Jelica N. Elula, Jedidiah M. Evangelista, John Paul S. Lagman, Anne Bea B. Sapnu, Alan Josh C. Sicat, Michael Louise S. Sunglao, Inla Diana C. Salonga, Princess Kimberly C. Sabiniano, & Euflain N. Mercado. (2022). Project Saklay (Saklolo Sa Palay) – A Problem Identification Framework: A Basis for Action Proposal. International Journal of Progressive Research in Science and Engineering, 3(11), 12–19. Retrieved from




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