Utilization Of Sand and Plastic as Substitute Material to Lego-Inspired Blocks


  • Arjay S. Bansil
  • Niro Arwin E. Bendicio
  • Joshua P. Lumba
  • Jan Philip Targuin G. Marron
  • Jean A. Montero
  • Ralph John V. Tiglao
  • Stephanie N. Timbol
  • Mariane P. Nunag
  • Jocelyn T. Malig
  • Mildred M. Fabian


Sand, Plastic, Lego-inspired blocks.


A shortage of qualified employees, delayed adaptation to new technologies, and increased environmental concerns are among the current engineering structure construction challenges. In construction, employees must have certain amount of knowledge on constructions for them to be employed. The construction industry's productivity and economic benefits have been significantly impacted as a result of these challenges.  Plastic is a common material that is utilized all over the world. It is a kind of material that takes a century to decay making it durable. It also has a binding property when exposed to heat and it gets harder after cooling down. Plastic waste can be used to reduce the cost of construction materials and procedures such as hollow blocks while preserving their strength. The study's major purpose is to present and demonstrate the use of sand and plastic as substitute materials for Lego-inspired blocks. Sand and plastic were combined in the design of the Lego-inspired blocks, using an experimental and comparative research technique. In addition to the researchers' tests, the Lego-inspired block was sent to the Unified Geotest Lab to determine the product's effectiveness and efficiency. After discussion and confirmation, the researchers concluded that the Lego-inspired block requires less curing time than hollow blocks. Because of its unique construction method, the time and effort necessary for construction may be decreased. It means that an employee doesn’t need much knowledge since stacking a Lego is a very simple task to do. This also means that the blocks can be used in any emergency cases where blocks are of immediate requirement. As a result, the Lego-inspired block's output can be a beneficial reference for future studies and industrial enterprises looking to use them as a hollow block substitute.


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Arjay S. Bansil, Niro Arwin E. Bendicio, Joshua P. Lumba, Jan Philip Targuin G. Marron, Jean A. Montero, Ralph John V. Tiglao, Stephanie N. Timbol, Mariane P. Nunag, Jocelyn T. Malig, & Mildred M. Fabian. (2022). Utilization Of Sand and Plastic as Substitute Material to Lego-Inspired Blocks. International Journal of Progressive Research in Science and Engineering, 3(12), 231–242. Retrieved from https://journal.ijprse.com/index.php/ijprse/article/view/767




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