Human Resource Analytics


  • Gurubaran G
  • Valarmathy B


Data-Driven Insights, HR Metrics, Workforce Analytics.


Today, the aim of organizations and their leaders is not merely efficiency but it is something beyond. The experts in charge of the varied departments like marketing, finance, supply chain management, information technology, and customer relationship management have been recognizing the fact, of how imperative data-driven insights are to generate notable business results. However, the human resource departments have always had a hard time connecting the data to better business performance. While HR often focuses principally on its own performance, the need of an hour is to shift this focus to the level of talent decision it supports. The motive of this project is to study the significance of Human Resource Analytics in managing the human resource of organizations and also to know its effect on the outcomes of their businesses. It would also emphasize the evolution of HR Analytics from HR Metrics and various fundamental factors which when combined with a recent and ever-rising interest in evidence-based management, have led to the emergence of  Workforce Analytics.


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