Plant Disease Detection Using Image Processing in MATLAB


  • Nandini Zade
  • Richa Shirke
  • Sonali Guhe


MATLAB, Image processing, Otsu’ Threshold Method, ANN Algorithm.


Plants are the important factor which contributes to the bio-diversity as well as to the living human being are incomplete without the plants and agriculture. In such case, it is our responsibility to protect our plants and crops. Plant disease detection system is the initial and the most important step taken towards the concern for plant diseases and to understand them. With the basic knowledge of desktop any one can detect the disease, the plant is suffering in just one click. No traditional methods or techniques are needed which can save money and time. In this paper we are drawing the concern to above situation and also mention some technology for detection of plant disease. The main focuses on the detection of the plant disease through the technique of image processing in MATLAB.


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