Door Security System Using Radio Frequency Identification Technology for Colegio De Sebastian Computer Laboratory


  • Reynaldo L De Asis
  • Kennedy V Rodriguez
  • Joefil C Jocson
  • Ryan John L de Lara


Arduino, Door Lock, Prototyping, RFID, Security.


Security has been a common issue for many years. Most establishments used the conventional access system in recording the person who is entering the facility. This conventional system may result to breach due to its low security. Nowadays, technology continues to grow gradually, that it is now being implemented to automate different system processes. The door access and monitoring system have been part of the vital growth of technologies across the globe. The study mainly aims to develop an RFID door lock system by utilizing and integrating different existing technology that could give accurate date and time record, storing data logs. It also includes the design, development, testing, and evaluation of the system. To meet the objectives of the study, the researcher used the developmental method and prototyping model. Parts of these methods include the building and testing stages, and a redraft of the developed system. The researcher started by requirement analysis. The different technologies to be integrated to the system were determined based from their functionalities. Each module was tested during the construction of the system. The modules include the RFID which will be the main means of access to the system, the RTC module for providing a real-time clock and the date needed in the data logging operation, the SD card module for the real-time storage and access of data, the LCD to serve as the user interface, the Arduino as the main microcontroller, the relay module as the electromagnetic switch, and the electric rim lock as the main security lock device. After the completion of the system, it was evaluated based from different criteria which are challenge-response, keys derived or permanent, lock location, read range, and key update. From the results of the evaluation, the developed RFID Door Lock System improved the security of a conventional door lock by utilizing and integrating open-source technology. Based on the findings and conclusions of the study the following are hereby recommended for the improvement of the project: To integrate Solar Power Technology to adapt green energy and minimized power interruption of the system. RFID microchip implant to the human body.


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Reynaldo L De Asis, Kennedy V Rodriguez, Joefil C Jocson, & Ryan John L de Lara. (2023). Door Security System Using Radio Frequency Identification Technology for Colegio De Sebastian Computer Laboratory. International Journal of Progressive Research in Science and Engineering, 4(4), 94–101. Retrieved from