Prediction of Diabetes using Fused Machine Learning


  • Shweta.S. Nair
  • Samantha.M
  • Sabareshwar.P.S
  • Indhumathi.S


Healthcare, Diabetes, Machine Learning.


The healthcare assiduity is foisted with the plethora of patient data which is being supplemented each day manifold. Experimenters have been continually using this data to help the healthcare assiduity ameliorate upon the way major conditions could be handled. They're indeed working upon the way the cases could be informed timely of the symptoms that could avoid the major hazards related to them. Diabetes is one similar complaint that's growing at an intimidating rate moment. In fact, it can induce multitudinous severe damages; blurred vision, diplopia, burning extremities, order and heart failure. It occurs when sugar situations reach a certain threshold, or the mortal body can not contain enough insulin to regulate the threshold. thus, cases affected by Diabetes must be informed so that proper treatments can be taken to control Diabetes. For this reason, early vaticination and bracket of Diabetes are significant. This work makes use of Machine Learning algorithms to ameliorate the delicacy of vaticination of the Diabetes. The trials also showed that ensemble classifier models performed more than the base classifiers alone. Its result was compared with the same Dataset being applied on specific styles like arbitrary timber, Support Vector Machine, Decision Tree and Naïve Bayes bracket styles.


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Shweta.S. Nair, Samantha.M, Sabareshwar.P.S, & Indhumathi.S. (2023). Prediction of Diabetes using Fused Machine Learning. International Journal of Progressive Research in Science and Engineering, 4(5), 91–93. Retrieved from