IOT Based Healthcare System: A Review


  • Biradar Shashank
  • Khose Rutuja
  • Rudraksha Aakanksha
  • Narute Gauri


Raspberry Pi board, Heartbeat sensor, Temperature sensor, Blood pressure sensor, Accelerometer sensor, Internet of Things.


In recent development, Internet of Things (IoT), which creates a communication network for everything, is then considered a new technology. Thanks to this technology, the medical industry has developed. Health problems such as heart failure, lung failure and heart disease are on the rise. These problems require a lot of health monitoring from time to time. A modern concept of patient health oversees wireless devices. Here’s an example abstract for an IoT-based healthcare monitoring system research paper that uses Raspberry Pi and sensors MPU6050 and MAX30100: With the advancements in the field of Internet of Things (IoT) and healthcare, there has been a growing demand for the development of remote patient monitoring systems. In this paper, we propose an IoT-based healthcare monitoring system that utilizes Raspberry Pi along with MPU6050 and MAX30100 sensors to monitor the health parameters of patients remotely. The system measures vital signs such as heart rate, oxygen saturation level, and body movement, and sends the data to a cloud server for analysis. The MPU6050 sensor is used to measure the patient’s body movement and posture, while the MAX30100 sensor is used to measure heart rate and oxygen saturation level. The data from both the sensors is collected and processed by Raspberry Pi, which then sends the processed data to the cloud server using MQTT protocol. The data is stored on the cloud server and can be accessed by authorized medical professionals. Therefore, doctors are able to save human lives by providing quicker services to them. In this paper, IoT has become the best platform for various application services. Here, the Raspberry Pi used to develop this, because which works as a sensor node and as a controller. In this paper, a simple health monitoring system has been proposed to achieve a one-step ahead.


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