Recycling And Reusing Super Absorbent Polymer from Sanitary Waste


  • Praveen Kumar P
  • Harikrishnan R
  • Kalidas S Puthoor
  • Nanthupradeep
  • Sai Ram Manoj


Superabsorbent polymers, SAPs, Concrete, Agricultural water retention, Fuel pellets.


This project aims to address the issue of waste generation from sanitary products and cotton by exploring potential solutions for their recycling and reuse. The project focuses on three main areas: using Super Absorbent Polymers (SAPs) in concrete, the potential use of SAPs as agricultural water retainers, and the creation of fuel pellets from residual cotton wastes. The project will investigate the strength of SAP-concrete versus normal concrete under compression, tension, and flexural strength, determine the potential benefits of using SAPs in agriculture, and identify effective methods for creating fuel pellets from cotton and sanitary wastes. The insights gained from this research could include improved strength, durability, and sustainability of SAP-concrete, increased crop yields and reduced water usage, and important implications for waste reduction and energy generation. Overall, the project aims to promote sustainability and reduce waste in the sanitary and cotton industries through innovative solutions.


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Praveen Kumar P, Harikrishnan R, Kalidas S Puthoor, Nanthupradeep, & Sai Ram Manoj. (2023). Recycling And Reusing Super Absorbent Polymer from Sanitary Waste. International Journal of Progressive Research in Science and Engineering, 4(5), 140–149. Retrieved from