Pneumonia Detection Using Deep Learning: A Review


  • Ganesh D. Kokare
  • Rahul D. Chaudhari
  • Pratik B. Khomane
  • Tushar P. Borawake


Pneumonia Detection, Pneumonia, CNN, Machine Learning, Chest x-ray Images, Deep Learning.


Pneumonia is a severe infection which directly affects the one or both the lungs of human and it is actually affected by the fungi, bacteria or viruses. The air sacs of a person who is suffering from a pneumonia are filled with the pus or other fluids. It causes difficulty in breathing. Infection can be life-threatening for anyone, but they are especially deadly for people at the age of 65 and above and children. Pneumonia is very life- threatening especially for children below the age of 5 due to this 14% of all deaths in, and in 2019 he had 7,40,180 child deaths. Several machine learning or deep learning techniques and models have been proposed and developed for pneumonia detection using chest X-Ray images as input. In this article, we have described various pneumonia detection models that have been developed so far. The main purpose of this work is to compare previous work in this area.


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Ganesh D. Kokare, Rahul D. Chaudhari, Pratik B. Khomane, & Tushar P. Borawake. (2023). Pneumonia Detection Using Deep Learning: A Review. International Journal of Progressive Research in Science and Engineering, 4(5), 181–188. Retrieved from