Fishing Vessel Safety: Mapping of Location for Safety Dock in Dingalan Aurora


  • Cabrera Angelu
  • Froyalde Julie Ann
  • Figueroa Janina Rose
  • Nicdao Josh Aldrei


Fishing vessels, safety dock, location, storm surge, coastal communities, mapping.


During typhoon Ulysses and typhoon Karding that hit the town of Dingalan Aurora, they caused great damage not only to the beautiful view of the ocean but also affect the people around it. The destruction of fishing vessels has become a problem for most of the people wherein it used for their main source of basic needs and income as for the residents who live near in the coastal areas. In this problem faced by the residents there, the researchers conducted a study related to the response of their problems caused by the recent typhoon. In terms of addressing the issue and implementing solution, this study aims to map a location that will serve as safety dock for the fishing vessels in Dingalan Aurora.The safety dock is one of the researchers' selections as a location whereabout offers a harbor for every fishing vessels as well as protection from storm surge that may create by numbers of typhoons. The researchers conducted an in-person interview for every 200 meters from one place to another that covered the selected barangays in Dingalan Aurora. The in-person interview consisting of specific questions regarding to resident’s experiences about the recent typhoon; the Typhoon Ulysses and Typhoon Karding. This was limited only to the people living near the coastal area of Dingalan Aurora. The researchers used a mixed method research strategy, combining quantitative and qualitative data to specifically gather relevant information from interview and coherent interpretation of results.  The study revealed that storm surge traveled far enough to the coastal communities. The study determines the parameters to provide the optimum location for the safety dock. And lastly, the study determined the best location to serve as safety dock which was in Brgy. Aplaya Dingalan, Aurora.


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Cabrera Angelu, Froyalde Julie Ann, Figueroa Janina Rose, & Nicdao Josh Aldrei. (2023). Fishing Vessel Safety: Mapping of Location for Safety Dock in Dingalan Aurora. International Journal of Progressive Research in Science and Engineering, 4(5), 189–193. Retrieved from