Analysis of Different Shape of High Rise Building with Alternative RCC Shear Walls Using STAAD Pro


  • Basant Khare
  • Kavita Golghate


Rectangular Building, H- Shape of Building, C-Shape of Building, Shear wall, shear wall with Seismic Force, Bending Moment, Lateral Displacement, Story Drift.


A building with irregularity is vulnerable to earthquake damages. So as it's essential to spot the seismic response of the structure even in high seismic zones to cut back the seismic damages in buildings. Objective: The most important objective of this study is to the behavior of the structure in high seismic zone IV and also to evaluate Storey overturning moment, Storey Drift, Lateral Displacement, Design lateral forces. During this purpose a 10 storey-high building on four totally different shapes like Rectangular, C- shape, H-shape, and with shear wall without shear wall are used and also used alternative shear wall with glass frame as a comparison. The complete models were analyzed with the assistance of STAAD.Pro 2015 version. In the present study, Comparative Dynamic Analysis for all four cases have been investigated to evaluate the deformation of the structure. Results & Conclusion: The results indicates that, building with severe irregularity produces more deformation than those with less irregularity particularly in high seismic zones. And conjointly the storey overturning moment varies inversely with height of the storey. The storey base shear for regular building is highest compare to irregular shape buildings. We can say finally shear wall reduce all forces as well as we can adopt C-type of building with alternative shear wall.


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