Traffic Flow Simulation Using PTV Vissim: A Proposed Solution on Jose Abad Santos Avenue Road and Baliwag – Candaba – Sta. Ana Road Intersection


  • Marvin M. Fuertez
  • Art Clarence L. Aguinaldo
  • Kenneth R. Cadungog
  • Jeanne Vincent G. Lintag
  • Jayvee B. Nicdao
  • John Irish M. Pangan
  • Jayvee C. Villanueva
  • John Vincent G. Tongol
  • Jonna May B. Mandap


Traffic congestion, Sta. Ana intersection, rerouting, road widening, Vehicular Capacity Ratio (VCR), Level of Service (LOS), vehicular delay.


Access to numerous locations for businesses and individuals, for both commercial and personal movements, is transportation's major function. One of the neighboring provinces of Metro Manila is Pampanga; consequently, most parts of Pampanga are experiencing traffic congestion, including the Sta. Ana intersection. The traffic in this area is highly congested throughout the day and every day of the week. The goal of this paper is to alleviate the traffic congestion happening in Sta. Ana, Pampanga intersection using rerouting and utilizing road widening with traffic lights. The Manual Counting Method gathers the necessary information, such as peak hours, Average Daily Traffic, and Vehicular volume. The peak hours in the study area are 7 to 9 in the morning and 5 to 7 in the evening. Motor-tricycle and passenger cars have the two largest portions of the traffic congestion. PTV Vissim is used to simulate and analyze the traffic system. Vehicular Capacity Ratio (VCR) is also used to evaluate traffic conditions. Level of Service (LOS) in terms of VCR and Vehicular delay are used to determine the traffic conditions. After analysis of the data, it was proven that the intersection has very heavy traffic conditions in terms of VCR and vehicular delay. Afterward, the analysis of the two proposed solutions was conducted. Rerouting has little impact on the said problem. While utilizing road widening with traffic lights shows improvements in traffic conditions, not to the extent of eliminating traffic.


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Marvin M. Fuertez, Art Clarence L. Aguinaldo, Kenneth R. Cadungog, Jeanne Vincent G. Lintag, Jayvee B. Nicdao, John Irish M. Pangan, Jayvee C. Villanueva, John Vincent G. Tongol, & Jonna May B. Mandap. (2023). Traffic Flow Simulation Using PTV Vissim: A Proposed Solution on Jose Abad Santos Avenue Road and Baliwag – Candaba – Sta. Ana Road Intersection. International Journal of Progressive Research in Science and Engineering, 4(6), 374–386. Retrieved from




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