Petrol Pump Blacklisting Using Blockchain Technology and IoT


  • Divya Jose
  • Vishnupriya M P
  • Aiswarya T S
  • Ahila Vanathy S
  • Ajal Johny


Blockchain, Internet of Things (IoT), Web scraping, Cloud storage.


This paper proposes a method to check whether the fuel filled into the vehicle’s petrol tank is appropriate to the given price or not. Based on that, the corresponding petrol pump is blacklisted. We provide an application that can be used by both the customer and dealer in the petrol pump. The customer and the dealer enter the data about the fuel being filled into the tank through the application. A sensor placed in the petrol tank measures the petrol level before and after pumping, and the difference in levels is calculated. The data comprising of petrol price, amount to be fueled for is uploaded to the blockchain framework and a unique transaction id is created. Detection of any malpractices reduces the trust factor of the pump leading to blacklisting those petrol pumps. The location of those blacklisted petrol pumps is easily accessible through the Android application. The advantage of using blockchain is that it is a distributed ledger and therefore it cannot be tampered by unauthorized persons, hence being immutable.


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Divya Jose, Vishnupriya M P, Aiswarya T S, Ahila Vanathy S, & Ajal Johny. (2023). Petrol Pump Blacklisting Using Blockchain Technology and IoT. International Journal of Progressive Research in Science and Engineering, 4(11), 6–9. Retrieved from