Detection and Estimation of Pesticides Residue Using a Smart Pen


  • Shirley D
  • Durga Dharshini D


smart pen, pesticides, vegetables and fruits, Bluetooth.


Pesticides are chemical substances applied to crops at various stages of cultivation and during the post-harvest storage of crops. The use of pesticides is intended to prevent the destruction of food crops by controlling agricultural pests or unwanted plants and to improve plant quality. Pesticide use in commercial agriculture has led to an increase in farm productivity. Despite the wide ranging benefits of using pesticides in agriculture, several incorrect applications can result in high and undesirable levels of the compounds that produce that reaches consumers. These include inappropriate selection of pesticides used on foodstuffs, over use of pesticides and harvesting the crops before the residues have washed off after application. Monitoring of pesticides in fruit and vegetable samples has increased in the last years since most countries have established maximum residue level (MRL) for pesticides in food products. With the gradual advance of urbanization construction, the procurements of vegetables and fruits are most in markets and supermarkets. However, these procurement locations almost have no pesticide residues detection devices. Gas chromatography (GC), liquid chromatography (LC) or combinations (GC-MS or LC-MS/MS) are traditional analytical techniques for identification and quantity determination of pesticides residues. Although these methods offer quantitative analysis with sensitivity and selectivity, they are slow, expensive, laborious and not convenient to popularize and promote. Moreover, they don’t have the ability of information sharing and remote control. Therefore, we had planned to come up with a new instrument that is the apt one for this explosive global world. Where it serves with the hyper connected IOT. The fluorescent cyclodextrin is injected into the pen and then the amount of pesticides is estimated using a Bluetooth or a digital meter. Many technologies serve as the building blocks of this new paradigm such as QR barcode,cloud services,machine to  machine(M2M), and so on. Also, these application domains The IoT we used in this pesticide residues detection system based on the pesticides detection. Due to the above, the purpose of this investigation is to design a system for pesticide residues detection and agricultural products traceability. We intend to allow anyone to interconnect this system with a Bluetooth device. This smart pen can be used in supermarkets, markets and plantations and with food inspectors. Moreover, this system also can be used in the areas of purchasing, storage and transportation, and in house.


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