Relationship between Annual Housing Budget Allocation and Housing Provision (1999-2019) in Enugu State, Nigeria


  • Okeke F N
  • Okolie K C
  • Odesola I A
  • Ugochukwu S C


Annual Housing, Budget, Allocation, Housing Provision, Construction Projects.


This paper identified the effects and its relationship between housing budget allocation and its provision in Enugu State, Nigeria. Structured questionnaires were distributed to Quantity Surveyors, Architects, Engineers, Estate Surveyors, Town Planners, Economists, Accountants, Public Administrators working in various government parastatals as civil servants .Two hundred and twenty-seven (227)well  questionnaires were properly completed, formed the basis of the study and were analyzed by descriptive ranking and Regression Estimate, SPPS and Relative Importance Index. The result from the study showed there is no relationship between annual housing budget allocation and housing provision; this implies that, increase in annual housing budget allocation will attract more housing provisions in the State. In other words, the insignificant value of the probability estimate uncovered that housing provisions in Enugu State is not really dependent on annual housing budget allocations to the state; may be due to the widespread corruption in public offices in Nigeria, or as a result of poor management system or inadequate supervision. The study finally recommended that adequate and proper management system, adequate supervision, and appropriate application of capital budget and its provision should be ensured in order to establish normalcy in constructing project delivery. The Government should also make strong efforts to reduce corruption, in order to have satisfactory and standardized level of allocation and provision of annual housing budget in Enugu State.


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Okeke F N, Okolie K C, Odesola I A, & Ugochukwu S C. (2022). Relationship between Annual Housing Budget Allocation and Housing Provision (1999-2019) in Enugu State, Nigeria . International Journal of Progressive Research in Science and Engineering, 3(01), 38–47. Retrieved from