Assessment of Employees Health and Safety at workplace: A Post Pandemic Employees Role in Ensuring a Safe Working Environment in the Philippines


  • Alvin Cayago
  • Jonathan Ladignon
  • Rick Donald Manzon
  • Marcelo Bulalayao


Health and Safety, Employees, Management, Policies, Assessment.


As businesses reopen their workplaces amid and post-COVID-19, it’s important to have comprehensive plans to transition employees back into the office, maintain a healthy workplace, and enforce safety and wellness standards. Despite vaccinations and greater testing, the virus is expected to be around for years to come, impacting how people work, gather, and communicate. While government organizations and businesses have provided guidelines and suggestions for building reopening strategies, each company leader must consider the unique needs of their own employees and offices. This way, they can develop the processes they need to ensure the well-being of their workforce and continue to operate successfully. The topic for the work was an assessment of employee’s health and safety at workplace in the post-pandemic world: ensuring a safe working environment in the Philippines. Being an establishment, the employee, management, administrator and other stakeholders are expose to several risks and hazards. The research aimed among other things to examine the role of employees in ensuring their own safety, role of management in Health and Safety during post pandemic period, workplace policies and procedures in place to make work place safe and occupational Health and Safety awareness of employee. The employees, head of department and administrator in the department of establishments formed the population of the study. Sixty-two respondents formed the sample size of the study. Data was collected through questionnaire, interviews, google link survey and review of relevant literature from books, articles, website etc. It was found out that the current occupational health and safety practices at the establishment were adequate. Employees commitment and compliance to health and safety rules was also high. It was recommended that management of the establishment must have a regular communication and maintain regular monitoring and evaluation and effective training of occupational health and safety policies for higher improvement.


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Alvin Cayago, Jonathan Ladignon, Rick Donald Manzon, & Marcelo Bulalayao. (2022). Assessment of Employees Health and Safety at workplace: A Post Pandemic Employees Role in Ensuring a Safe Working Environment in the Philippines. International Journal of Progressive Research in Science and Engineering, 3(05), 105–113. Retrieved from




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