Estimation of Stature from Percutaneous Inter-acromial Length in Tamil Population


  • Gambhir Singh O
  • Arun Prakash K S
  • Sanjeev K
  • Gambhir Singh O
  • Charanya S


Stature, Inter-acromial length, Regression equation, Forensic anthropology, Tamil population.


Stature is one of the important parameters to identify unknown dead bodies. When the whole body or whole skeletal is available then there are not many problems. The difficulty arises when bodies are fragmented or mutilated. Forensic anthropologists have developed many methods for stature calculation in such cases. One such method is the estimation by using inter-acromial length. Different studies were conducted in different regions to develop a more suitable equation for stature estimation. These different regional studies are required because the stature of a person is influenced by many factors such as ethnicity, hormonal changes, food habits, environments, etc. For this reason, the present study was conducted amongst the Tamil population of South India.


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Gambhir Singh O, Arun Prakash K S, Sanjeev K, Gambhir Singh O, & Charanya S. (2022). Estimation of Stature from Percutaneous Inter-acromial Length in Tamil Population. International Journal of Progressive Research in Science and Engineering, 3(6), 150–152. Retrieved from