Cost Analysis of Battery Coupling of Photovoltaic Source to Water Pumping Irrigation System in Barangay San. Antonio, Lubao, Pampanga


  • Ariane Khyte M. De Castro
  • Mark Jay Tiongco
  • Enelmar D. Isip
  • Louie Daille G. Chavez
  • Junel D. Garcia
  • Nico V. Manalansan
  • Edgardo M. Santos
  • Armie C. Tolentino


Water Pump, PV, Sunlight, Renewable Energy, Beneficial machine.


Two Diesel Powered Pump are used to pump water in San Antonio Lubao, Pampanga Corn and Rice Farm. Total diesel consumed by those motors is huge in the area. By implementing a renewable energy source to run those motors can save diesel cost. The purpose of this paper is to provide information about planning and installation of solar powered water pumping systems by using PV (Photo Voltaic) Module. 20 panels of 650 Watt are mounted by using concrete pillar that is elevated to be safe from flood. A 3D design was created by using Paint 3D to bring perfection in mounting solar panels. An 8 HP 3-Phase motor was used in this project.

The farmers’ organization in Barangay San Antonio Lubao, Pampanga, is facing serious problems with their crop water supply. There are many agriculturists who have looking for different way of having a water supply due to the increase of fuel prices, because diesel water pumps are their primary source of water, farmers need to install alternative water-pumping system to irrigate their farm area that around 200 farmer households will benefit. Most families in Lubao rely on agriculture for a living, and having a consistent supply of water for their crops would be extremely beneficial to them. Diesel water pumps are widely used for irrigation purposes. However, due to an increase in the price of oil, harmful emissions from burning of it, high maintenance cost, and short lifetime. Researchers have been forced to find some alternative. Renewable energy has the potential to limit the use of fossil fuel, as researchers are shifting towards a solar-powered water pumping system. As solar is available in large amounts and almost everywhere, which makes a good alternative to the diesel-powered water pump. Solar water pump system is one of system that is applied photovoltaic panel for water pump as power source. In daytime, photovoltaic panel can generate power.  Solar water pump has low operation costs since fuel is not needed and system run on sunlight, no dependency on erratic or expensive fuel chain supply, low regular maintenance requirements since solar panels, batteries and inverters have no moving parts. Lastly, no pollution or noise produced. Another benefit from system is to reduce environmental impact compared to traditional diesel water pump. Therefore, this paper aims to design and develop solar water pump. And the cost analysis was made to form an idea about the cost of the project study. This manuscript presents a detailed planning, cost analysis and installation of Battery coupling of Photovoltaic source to Water Pumping Irrigation System in Brgy. San Antonio Lubao, Pampanga.


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Ariane Khyte M. De Castro, Mark Jay Tiongco, Enelmar D. Isip, Louie Daille G. Chavez, Junel D. Garcia, Nico V. Manalansan, Edgardo M. Santos, & Armie C. Tolentino. (2022). Cost Analysis of Battery Coupling of Photovoltaic Source to Water Pumping Irrigation System in Barangay San. Antonio, Lubao, Pampanga. International Journal of Progressive Research in Science and Engineering, 3(09), 1–7. Retrieved from




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