Installation Of Flood Light Powered by Pico-Hydropower Generator in Pulong Mangga Caduang Tete Macabebe Pampanga


  • Jay Anne M. Campo
  • Jeric M. Caylao
  • Cyrell Lance T. Flores
  • Jessie R. Mejarito
  • Miguel Angelo D. Verin
  • Edgardo M. Santos
  • Edward Joseph T. Agustin


Hydropower, Hydro Generator, Pico-hydro, Vortex Gravity Turbine, Floodlight.


Energy generation creates a high impact on community where high prices of electricity occurs when time passes. Hydropower generator converts the kinetic energy of the water flow into a harvested electricity with the use of turbines and other types of hydropower generator that can be used in every house or in a small-scale usage. Pico-hydro generator usually generates under 5Kw of energy that usually used in small houses or other facilities that does not require a lot of power. Energy generation form a small place can have a lot of impact on the community itself or for individual use. Water flow is everywhere whether it is strong or weak that can be used as a source of energy. A particular place in Pampanga was known for its flooding problems that it can last up to months or even years and combined with dark surroundings that can create an accident. A floodlight that can brighten the surroundings will be used to lighten up a particular section of a place that is dangerous without light, like bridge where a wrong step can make you fall into the water and die.  Lighting up a dangerous bridge powered by the water that was flowing from it can lessen the risk of accidents. Experiments in building a generator was executed including testing and improvement of the generator. The study revealed that the hydropower generator can supply electricity to floodlight that brighten the target place creating a safer passage for the residents.


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Jay Anne M. Campo, Jeric M. Caylao, Cyrell Lance T. Flores, Jessie R. Mejarito, Miguel Angelo D. Verin, Edgardo M. Santos, & Edward Joseph T. Agustin. (2022). Installation Of Flood Light Powered by Pico-Hydropower Generator in Pulong Mangga Caduang Tete Macabebe Pampanga. International Journal of Progressive Research in Science and Engineering, 3(08), 87–95. Retrieved from




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