Studies to Increase Refrigeration Efficiency


  • Ronal Sharma
  • Rajesh Mattoo


Refrigerator, condenser, thermodynamic performance.-


Domestic Refrigerator consumes significant energy in percentage of total energy used in India. Aim of this paper is to improve coefficient of performance of system. To improve the coefficient of performance, it is to require that compressor work should decrease and refrigerating effect should increase. Modifications in condenser are meant to increase degree of sub-cooling of refrigerant which increased refrigerating effect or more cooling water is required in condenser. The purpose of a compressor in vapor compression system is to elevate the pressure of the refrigerant, but refrigerant leaves the compressor with comparatively high velocity which may cause splashing of liquid refrigerant in the condenser tube, liquid hump and damage to condenser by erosion. It is consumption is less for same refrigerating effect so performance is improved. In this paper we describe the different ways to reduce the losses in evaporator, condenser and compressor. Finally, we note that future efforts to reduce losses in evaporator, condenser and compressor should be accompanied by a corresponding effort to improve evaporator, condenser and compressor thermodynamic performance.


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